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Mini three inch portrait
Large 24 by 30 inch portrait
Mini portraits
Dog in water
Large 16 inch square portrait
Large 18 inch portrait of a dog
Large 18 inch square portrait
Large horse portrait
8 by 10 portrait of a smiling dog
Medium portrait of a puppy
Medium sized dog portrait
Small square dog portrait
Large size horse portrait
16 by 16 Cat Portrait
Large full body portrait
Medium cat portrait
Medium dog portrait
18 by 24 inch dog portrait

The process is simple. It starts with pics you send for reference.

We chat about what you would like to customize.

You get a preview.

Then the painting begins!

As paintings develop, you are sent progress pictures.


Stay in touch!

Instagram link

Be the first to know about contests or watch pieces progress over time.

3" x 3" Mini Pet Portrait
8" x 10" Full Body
Two Mini Pet Portraits
5" x 7" Full Body
6" x 6" Just their Furry Face
12" x 16" Two Pets partial body
18" x 24" Just Furry Face
18" x 24" Full Body - Two Pets
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