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Meet Bri ​

My artworks benefit from 20 years of experience as a professional graphic designer and art director. Each portrait draws from a depth of knowledge in colour theory, composition and most of all, making an impact. From a young age, I devoted countless hours to meticulously learning to draw and paint. This led me to the Alberta University of the Arts where I earned Bachelor of Design (BDes) degree with a major in illustration.

Art Director by day, furball artist at night, I enjoy getting my hands dirty to work on dashing doggiesmiles, fabulous felines and handsome horses. Bri Pet Portraits is my home studio in Calgary, Alberta, where I bring them all to life. Whether it is to cherish memories, make a statement or give the perfect gift, when you order a portrait you get a high professional level of skill, dedication and sensitivity devoted to each and every painting.

Bri - artist Bri Pet Portraits
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